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MIC is designed to prevent leakage on penis diameters up to and including 1-3/8"

        inches. To measure the diameter of your penis, take a thin strip of paper 6"  to  8"

        long and wrap around the soft penis about 1" back from the head end. Make a mark

        on the band where the paper overlaps. Measure the length from the beginning end

        of the paper band to the overlap mark. If the length is 4-5/16" inches or less then

        MIC is OK for you to use

 4 - 5/16"  inches Max.

        MIC ships with complete operation and use instructions

Cash Sales,

       Order a "MIC" and use it  FREE  for 30 Days. If you are not Completely 

       Satisfied with "MIC" return it to "MIC".  If you are Satisfied with  "MIC"

       and plan to keep it,   Send Check or Money Order in the amount of  

       $53.95  (US) to:    MIC

                                     P.O. Box 4689

                                     Auburn, California  95604

      "MIC"  is in stock and ships within 24 hours of your data entry

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