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Male Incontinence Clamp   U.S. Patent No. 6131576

An Artificial Sphincter THAT WORKS  for men with a urine leakage

problem. Molded, highly polished polycarbonate plastic. Clean, and in

place adjustable.  Easy ON and OFF.  Quick to OPEN and CLOSE

to urinate. Comfortable to wear.  Stay CLEAN and DRY and in

control of your leakage problem.


"MIC"  The Finest Artificial Sphincter for control of urinary incontinence in men.



















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"MIC" Is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

8-  Reasons Why You Need to Wear a MIC

1-  Clean and dry privates

2-  No absorbent pads to use or dispose of

3-  Comfortable to wear Ė Mobile freedom

4-  Easy to adjust - Anytime

5-  Near natural urge feelings

6-  Strong and light weight design

7-  Easy and quick to clean

8-  Long lasting


MIC (Male Incontinence Clamp) is not sold for or represented as a Medical Cure or Treatment for Male incontinence. MIC is a highly engineered mechanical device designed to be attached to the Male Penis to restrict the unwanted flow of urine due to incontinence. No warranties or guarantees are made or given implied or otherwise with the sale and use of this MIC device. Persons having incontinence problems should seek medical advice and treatment before the arbitrary use of a MIC device to control urinary incontinence.

How MIC Works.

MIC is a Patented profile designed and perfected over a period of three years by a prostate cancer patient who after surgery and recovery had a reasonable degree of incurable urinary incontinence. MIC is the evolution of that effort and constantly worn by the inventor. The following comes from his experiences.

MIC fits across the penis shaft with the multi-profile bow section located on the under side of the penis shaft. The open, upper bow section is lowered into contact with the penis shaft and held closed while the latch screw and nut assembly is snapped into the upper bow receiving slot and maintains absolute clamp closure. The latch screw assembly requires some pressure when closing (snapping) into the upper bow receiving slot. This action prevents clothing from releasing MIC during normal physical activities. Pressure is adjusted to suit using the two end screw nuts to a comfortable position that prevents urine drip. Clamp pressure for leakage control can be adjusted anytime without disrobing or removal of the clamp from the penis.

It may take a several days for you to become used to MIC and require you to experiment with the pressure adjustments necessary to keep you dry at various times of the day and various work related conditions like heavy lifting or extreme exertion.


What you get with MIC.

 1.  Pressure Molded from high-grade natural polycarbonate plastic Bow 

      Sections  and adjustment Screws and Nuts with Stainless Steel Pivot Pins.

 2.  Highly engineered shape to provide accurate pressure points at the urethra

      together with freedom cavities that allow blood flow to the Penis head while

      in the clamped position.

 3.  Easy to Open, Install and Close about the Penis.

 4.  Infinitely adjustable for pressure control without removal from the Penis.

 5.  Highly polished contour shapes for abrasive free Penal Contact

 6.  Single Lever to Open and Close.

           7. Open and Close to Urinate at standard restroom urinals without removal of

                the clamp from the penis.

 8.  If necessary, MIC can be sterilized using Steam, Boiling Water or Gas

                without part deformation to eliminate any contamination.

 9.  Hand washing in warm soap and water is typical for cleaning.

10.  Urinary Pads are not necessary even for strenuous exercise routines.

11.  Easily removed for bowel movements.

12.  Non-reactive when contacting normal skin control medications.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q   Do I need to wear an Absorbent Pad with MIC in place ?

     A   No, I donít wear an Absorbent Pad at any time.

Q   Do I need to sterilize MIC ?

     A   No, Generally, I hand wash my MIC during my shower. You can sterilize MIC

           using all accepted methods, (Gas, Steam, Boiling Water). I have been

           wearing a MIC for 3 + years and have not needed to sterilize the device.

Q   Can I wear MIC when I exercise ?

     A   Yes, I am a runner and wear my MIC during my exercise routines.

Q   Do I need any external treatment on my penis before installing MIC ?

     A   I use a sprinkle of baby powder on my penis shaft whenever I remove and

           re-install MIC. You may not need powder however, I find it very comfortable

           and easy to apply.

Q   Do I need a Doctors permission or prescription to use MIC ?

     A   No, MIC is a mechanical prosthesis worn externally on the male penis. No

           medical claims for cure or treatment relative to urinary incontinence are made

           or, intended with the sale and use of this device, (MIC). No liability of any

           kind is expressed, implied or extended to the wearer for any consequences

           arising from the use of this device, (MIC).

Q   Should I continue Bladder Muscle Control exercises while wearing MIC ?

     A   Yes, I do a series of Bladder Control Exercises daily.

Q   Can I wear MIC when sleeping ?

     A   Yes, however, I donít need to wear MIC when I sleep.

Q   Will I be able to tell when I need to urinate ?

     A   Yes, I can tell when itís time to urinate and MIC gives me safety and time

           necessary to make the urinal.

Q   What about when I travel ?

     A   I travel regularly by airplane and automobile and am able to urinate whenever

           the need arises, even in the small confines of aircraft lavatories. Typically, I

           carry an extra MIC and a small plastic bag of baby powder in my pocket just

           in case. While I have never lost a MIC during my travels I donít allow myself

           to get into a position of being without the security of a MIC.

Q   Is MIC a durable device ?

     A   Yes, MIC is designed to be light weight, strong, semi-rigid and long lasting.

           Polycarbonate material is natural and contains no dyes or impurities.

           Threaded adjustment provides for finite pressure control across the

           penal shaft and the semi-rigid form is strong enough to prevent forced

           urination by the closed MIC.

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